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Kali was one of the first companies to offer a soft knee-guard that could truly be pedaled in all day without feeling like you’d strapped some kind of semi-fashionable torture device to your knee. I’m talking about the Aazis pads that you see here—a product which has weathered the years without going through major re-designs. The competition has, however, caught up of late. There are now plenty of comfortable pad options for the picking. How do the Kali’s hold up to the latest crop from Fox, RaceFace, Nukeproof, 661, Scott, etc.?

Let’s start with the basics: the centerpiece of the pad is a tough plastic shell that’s covered in Kevlar and which fends off direct blows to your knee cap like some kind of Tonya Harding-thwarting guardian angel. I’ve taken countless hits to the knee with these things and have pedaled away from them all with a smile on my face. The Aazis work well for those direct impacts.

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