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Fox 34 Float 160 CTD Remote Fit 26″ 2014

The 34 Fox 160 is the trail fork you want. The Fox Float uses an air spring, which keeps the weight very minimal. The Float has 160mm of buttery smooth golden travel. Add this to any trail bike and you’ll have the ultimate setup for any 26″ trail bike. Roll down steep terrain, mow over rock gardens, and bomb through singletrack. Most simply put, tackle anything that comes your way. The Float is extremely strong and will guide you through safely. The 34mm stanchions are thick and resistant to flex, to provide superior handling. The Float’s air spring now has less breakaway force. Fox also upgraded the Float series by giving it a longer negative spring and reduced the air spring compression ratio for a more linear feel. This version of the Float is from Fox’s Factory series forks, therefore the uppers are Kashima coated. 2014 was a year of revision for Fox. The Float is lighter than prior years and has a stiffer feel.

The Kashima coating is a hard anodizing process that fills in any micro pores in the material creating a smoother surface, in comparison to a hard anodization on prior versions. Its distinctive gold color is backed by its high performance attributes including extreme durability as well as an extremely smooth feel. The whole purpose and value of the Kashima coating is its friction reduction properties.

The Fox Float features the FIT cartridge. FIT stands for Fox Isolated Technology. FIT technology employs a bladder system that keeps the oil and air from mixing to provide optimal performance in all riding extremes. Since the FIT cartridge uses much less oil, the weight of the fork is significantly less than one with an open bath style.
The Fox Float features CTD technology. CTD is short for Climb, Trail, and Descend. It is a three position on the fly system that provides three distinct compression dampings that you’d typically need on an average ride. CTD is extremely useful on the trail. The rider is quickly able to flip the lever between the three positions, and which results in being used numerously throughout the ride. CTD is much faster than the older click system, where the rider would have to stop and click through to find the proper setting.

Climb mode has the firmest low- speed compression, which maximizes pedaling efficiency and has minimal suspension movement. Internally, the oil flow is restricted, and can only flow through the Climb port, which limits the suspension’s movement. In the event of a hard impact, the spring loaded blow- off valve will allow the damper to go into its travel. Trail mode provides an optimal blend of pedaling efficiency and control on variable terrain. The oil flow is opened to the mid and high speed compression shim stack. Descend mode provides the rider with the most active suspension. Descend mode is an optimized low- speed compression setting which provides the perfect balance of control and plushness for steep, aggressive descents. Oil is able to flow through the high, mid, and low speed ports. This quick and easy adjustment allows the rider to control their suspension on the fly.

This version of the Fox Float comes with a handlebar remote. No longer will you need to hunch over to adjust your fork. Switch between Climb, Trail, and Descend with the push of a button. For 2014, Fox has streamlined the remote. It is now smaller and more compact, so more real estate is left available on your handlebar. The remote actuation is also much softer and requires less energy than the 2013 model.

Climb, Trail, and Descend mode technology will change the way you ride. CTD makes it easier for the rider to adjust their fork to adapt to the terrain ahead.


Wheel Size: 26″
Intended Use: All Mountain/ Enduro Mountain Biking
Travel: 6.3 inches/ 160mm
15QR (includes axle)
4.35 lb / 1.98 kg
(1.5″ taper steerer)

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